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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bloglist Milly Molly

pagi-pagi lagi dah nak join bloglist :)
bukan selalu, ikut mood je..harini tengah BW nampak pulak bloglist Milly Molly,
interesting, LKE pun nak join :)

So, Syarat pun simple je..u all pun jomla join =)


SyUhAdA said...

pg2 dah join bloglist dah gnie..

ardinihumaira said...

:) nanti dni nak wat segmen bloglist jugalah

✿ milly molly ✿ said...

tq dear :)
erm, banner tu.. try save it first, then put in entry. or copy my header directly..

Gnie@SimplyStyle said...

@SyUhAdA : tengah rajin nak join :)

@ardinihumaira : Kalau Dni buat i gerenti join punye..hehe..sila2

@✿ milly molly ✿ : hoho..sori2...done :)

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